Participants of the Photoyouth project won the 2nd place at the All-Russian photo contest.

The competitive presentation “The Pskov temples” in a photo contest “In the lens – orthodox Rus” included the pictures taken at different times of year in the nomination “Temples”, such monuments of architecture as:

Anastasia Rimlyanki chapel, 1911
Church of Zhen Mironosits (so Skudelnits), 16 century
Church of the Mother of God  Assumption from Paromenya, 1521.
Olginskaya chapel, 2000.
A.Nevsky’s temple for the 96th Omsk regiment, 1907 — 1908
Church of Vasily on the Hill (The temple of prelate Vasily Velikiy), the XV—XVI centuries
Pskov Trinity Cathedral of Pskov Kremlin, 1699.
Nikola’s so Usokhi church, 1536.
John the Baptist Cathedral , 1247
The Assumption temple s Polonishcha, 1810.
George’s church from the Vzvoz, 1494.
Ilya Proroka’s church from the Wet meadow, 1677.

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