Winter Pskov Kremlin as viewed by Vitya Ivanov

The Trinity Cathedral stands on a high cape at the confluence of the Velikaya  and the Pskova rivers inside the fortress walls of Pskov Kremlin.

It is the main church of Pskov and Pskov land. It happened before Rus was baptized: Princess Olga standing on the left bank of the Velikaya river pointed at the place illumined by several rays of sunlight. Seeing the miracle, she predicted that the town would become great and that a church of the Holy Trinity would be built on the place where the rays of light met. For many centuries the Kremlin and the Trinity Cathedral became the holy symbols of Pskov and the whole of Pskov land. However, fate and history were not always kind to them.

Today’s Cathedral is the fourth at the same place and was erected in 1682-1699. According to a legend, the first one was erected on the order of Princess Olga in the 10th century. The Trinity cathedral was rebuilt in stone in the 12th century. Subsequently, the holy relics of its creator, Prince Vsevolod-Gavriil, were placed the church.

Pskov Kremlin is the Home for Holy Trinity on the earth.



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